Bhavgeet of swadhyay parivar hindi mp3 download

Hamare mitra Mr. Sanjay K wajah se aap ke bare me jankari mili aap k bare me sunta tha lekin aaj aap k bare me pad kar man harshit ho gaya. Banswara Raj. Jay Yogeshwar.

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Ye Sunke muje bada dukh hua. Me aapki bat samaj gaya lekin sadhana, aapne ye bhi dekha hoga ki koi bhi dharm ya or koi bhi group ho, sabhi group me koi na koi to aaisa hota hi hai jo puri tarah se niyam ka palan na karta ho. Pehle to me aapki comment ka answer kuch aur dene wala tha par aapki aakhiri do line padh kar mera answer me dusre tarike se dena chahunga. Me fir se aapko ye kehna chahunga ki aapne jo bataya wo bat sunkar muje dukh hua par me aaj jarur aapke liye pray karunga.

Sab kuch sahi hoga. Me bhi kabhi kabhi jata hu svadhyay me. Jo galat haii. Sadhana ji, Aapne bataya ki sab log bhavferi aur street play se k6u message de rahe hai lekin uska aacharan khud nahi karte.

Bhavferi me log dusro ko badalne ke liye nahi nikalte. Wo log khud ko badalne ke liye nikalte hai. Hum insan hi hai jo sahi aur galat dono cheez karte hai. Lekin hum ek hi baat bhavferi ke madhyam se dusro ko batate hai tab dhire dhire woh baate unki khud ki zindagi me aa jati hai.

Geeta hum insano ko kya karna hai woh nahi batati, Kaise karna hai wo kaha gaya hai. Aur Geeta sirf Hindu Dharma Granth nahi lekin universe me sabke liye hai.

Isliye insan sahi ya galat ho sakta hai, Raasta nahi. Ek example dekhie, ek ghar me 2 bhai hai, dono ne same education li aud dono ko same sanskan diye gaye.

Lekin 1 bhai criminal banta hai aur dusara bahot bada social worker. To isme unke parents ya education ki galati nahi hai. Mam, Dadaji always said when you are going fir bhavferi or bhakti feri aur anything you do is just for your inner progress, swadhyayies are not here to change the world they are here to change himself, we are not going to bhavferi to awake people or solace them, we are going for ourselves.

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We goes because we knows that other is not other, he is our divine brother. Jai Yogeshwar! Avatarbad aur Murti puja ko samjhe bina galat nahi bolna chahiye! Swadhyaya koi Ek Vyakti k Ideology ka prachar nahi, Hamare Bharatiya sanskriti ka sahi samajh k sath punarutthan h! Apne andar k ram k sath dusre m bhi Ram dekhne ka abhyas h! Swadhyay ek school hai. Schoolme teacher sabko ek SA hi padhate hai lekin sabko ek se pratishat Nahi state. Thank you for making this blog, such a great work by you, please never remove this, apne muje mere bachpan ki yad dila di he, bhot sari memories he swadhyay parivar k sath, agar apke pas swadhyay k related koi bhi books he jise me padh saku to please share me.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.This is the new blog i have created for all my devine brothers and sisters to post views, experiences and latest happenings at your local kendras. Please keep up with more material - as there is n't enough material on swadhyay on the internet by individuals.

bhavgeet of swadhyay parivar hindi mp3 download

Here are a few links to the Swadhyay. Can you search and post some information on a link that you may know of. The question is why we are always looking for download and free option. There are lot of resources available to get the Aarti and Bhavgeets and other Swadhyaya material in local kendra, Parth Preeti etc. Anybody who wants this Swadhyaya material please contact your local Swadhyaya coordinators.

Somebody will surely help to you to get the material. Hello and jai yogeswar to our swadhyay pariwar. I've been looking for the Jay Yogeshwar Aarti mp3 Hindi for download and cannot find one.

But there are some material available on net. Jai Yogeshwar to all My brothers and sisters We all nicely Celebrate the 90th Birthday of Dadaji at Bombay And Please share own experiences about the what we have feel about the Dadaji Jay Yogeshwar, those who need CD, books etc, may know that they are available through swadhyay kendra or parth priti of our own town.

If you post your location, I will try to find location of kendra in your city. Jay yogeshwar to all here are some links.

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That may be a done unknowingly by that person. If we put everything from swadhyay, it will require lot of storage space on server. Second, Dadaji had stressed about saatatya continuity and Niyamitataa regularly at a fixed time and fixed place to train our mind towards self realization along with personal contacts.

That is why books or tapes are not available at regular book stores. They are not for commercial purpose. Those, who wants them, can obtain from swadhyay kendra. Hi, jay yogeshwar. Bhav Geets and Aartis on no account should be posted online.

This has been enforced by Dadaji. Please respect his wishes. Jai Yogeshwar. Somebody will surely help to you to get the material Jay yogeshwar my all devine brother,just focus on sanskriti's punrutthan. Jay yogeshwar to all my devine brother,just focus on the work of sanskriti's punrutthan. Ham badlenge duniya badlegi. Really enjoyed, new schedule of street play JY "Hamaaaari shakti It inspires me even now. We had tapes of Trikaal Sandhya and all the Bhajans but the same have been damaged.

Is there a list of such media available so that I can choose it and get it from one of the centres in Mumbai.!! Jay yogeshwar to all my devine brothers and sisters.Pandurang Shastri Athavale 19 October — 25 Octoberalso known as Dadajiwhich literally translates as "elder brother" in Marathiwas an Indian activist, philosopher, spiritual leader, social revolutionary, [2] and religion reformist, who founded the Swadhyaya Parivar Swadhyaya Family in When Athavale was twelve years old, his father set up an independent course of study for the young boy.

bhavgeet of swadhyay parivar hindi mp3 download

Thus, Athavale was taught in a system very similar to that of the Tapovan system of ancient India. Inhe started to give discourses at the Srimad Bhagavad Gita Pathshala, Madhavbaug, Mumbai", a center set up by his father in Athavale read diligently in the Royal Asiatic Library for a period of 14 years; at a young age, he was well-known to have read every piece of non-fiction literature ranging from Marx's philosophy to Whitehead's writings to ancient Indian philosophy.

There, Athavale presented the concepts of Vedic ideals and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

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Many participants were impressed by his ideas but wanted evidence of such ideals being put into practice in India. Nobel Prize—winning physicist Dr. Arthur Holly Compton was particularly enchanted with Athavale's ideas and offered him a lucrative opportunity in the United States, where he could spread his ideas. Athavale politely declined, [7] saying that he had much to accomplish in his native India, where he planned to demonstrate to the world a model community peacefully practising and spreading Vedic thoughts and the message of the Bhagavad Gita.

Swadhyaya Parivar established itself in India in with adherents meeting every Sunday, where prayers were sung and a video recording of Athavale was played. Over the years, Athavale's followers have taken the Bhagawad Gita's concepts of Indwelling God and God's universal love, to millions of people: transcending caste, socioeconomic barriers, and religious differences.

Athavale personally visited tens of thousands of villages on foot and rented bicyclesand his brothers and sisters swadhyayees went to every house personally and established a selfless relationship with each family and went house to house to spread Gita's thoughts. Dadaji In these villages, Athavale started various experiments Prayogs to impart social activism by means of a god-centric devotion, including cooperative farming, fishing and tree-planting projects in the spirit of collective, divine labour bhaktisomewhat similar to the Antigonish Movement in Canada.

Swadhyayees aim to fulfill Athavale's vision of eradicating the world's problems by creating a global family united under the principle of a universal blood maker. He felt that the universality of the Bhagavad Gita allows for it to a guide to all of humanity. As such, it's thoughts should reach unto the last person.

Today, the millions of adherents can be found on every habitable continent in over 35 countries including the Caribbean, Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Africa. It is the Swadhyaya Parivar's mission to complete Rev. Athavale died at the age of 83 of cardiac arrest on 25 Octoberin Mumbai, India. Swadhyay pariwar Gujarati website. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pandurang Shastri Athavale. RohaBombay State, British India.

MumbaiMaharashtra, India. Retrieved 2 May Archived from the original on 26 April Padma Vibhushan award recipients. Balamuralikrishna T. Pattammal K. Shantaram Shivkumar Sharma Umayalpuram K.

Sivaraman M. Subbulakshmi K. Dhar Jyotindra Nath Dixit M. Gill Hafiz Mohamad Ibrahim H.

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Krishnamurthy P.Pujya Dada has rejuvenated a number of great cultural traditions, festivals, and cultural symbols. Due to Rev. Dadaji's tireless efforts, these elements of culture have acquired their original, and in some cases, new contemporary meanings. The latest addition to this glorious tradition is that of the celebration of the holy Purushottam maas adhik maas or month.

With its all-too-familiar purely ritualistic celebration, which has been devoid of spirit and has been incapable of satisfying the intellectual curiosity of the modern day youth, the eons-old Indian tradition has been losing its luster. The "new spirit" essentially translates into the "original spirit" of this grand tradition. This "new" way is a bold break from the past, i. It, in fact, strives to bring back the ancient, original spirit.

This year, Pujya Didiji suggested the following way of celebrating Purushottam maas. Typically during their daily visits, each lasting an hour or so, they would be able to visit one or two families. Each visit would commence by offering Tulsi-Patra to the sacred Bhagavad-Gita, after which they would recite the Trikal Sandhya, Krushnashtakam, and a Bhavgeet. This would be followed by a short speech "chintanika" lasting ten minutes. Additionally, on each Monday of this day period, these families would meet at the nearest Yogeshwar Krushi where, in addition to the above, all would recite the 13 th chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita and engage in leisurely games.

This nation-wide activity has led to heartening results. A large number of ladies hitherto unexposed to Swadhyay have developed a new love for these thoughts. The ladies came closer to each other and Swadhyay work experienced rejuvenation in areas where it was otherwise nascent. Numerically, the response has been truly astounding. Even in big cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad, this activity has witnessed a large-scale participation, surpassing all expectations.

Didiji, before and during the course of this Purushottam maas, addressed participating krutisheel ladies. In the Saurashtra area, she addressed 80, women, 60, in the Ahmedabad area, and 80, krutisheel women in Baroda. Similarly, from the seven districts around Aurangabad, 11, women participated.

In each of these meetings, Didiji touched on the theme of womanhood, what it really means, and why women are better suited to live a cultured and elevated life. She gave a comparative overview of the treatment meted out to women in the Western and other civilizations, and the views of the Indian thought and Indian Vedic tradition. In Saurashtra, at a meeting held in Moraj, Didiji especially dedicated a major part of her address to the Kshatriya women.

As unbelievable as it may sound in the 21 st century, most Kshatriya women are not allowed to leave their residences! Once they enter their married homes, they spend their entire lives within the confines of these homes!

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This is true for hundreds of thousands of Kshatriya women. Defying this tradition, almost 15, of these Kshatriya women participated in this meeting.I'll never pass a queue again without thinking more about it :).

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Antarnaad-Hindi full movie based on the Swadhyay Movement by Pandurang Shastri Athavale

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bhavgeet of swadhyay parivar hindi mp3 download

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